Know Someone with Special Needs?

Would you like to notify us of someone with special needs within Clermont County, Ohio? Please submit the form below. If you would prefer not to use our online form, we also have a PDF version that you can download, print and fill out.

Please note that any information you submit is subject to public records requests.

Please submit any questions, concerns or printed forms to:

John F. Kiskaden

Clermont County Communications
PH: (513) 732-7777
Fax: (513) 732-8045
2279 Clermont Center Drive, Batavia, OH 45103

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Someone at this location is blind or visually impairedSomeone at this location has a cognitive impairment that can involve memory, language, thinking and judgement issuesSomeone at this location is hard of hearing or deafSomeone residing at this location is physically linked to equipment required to sustain his or her lifeSomeone residing at this location is bedridden, uses a wheelchair, or has a mobility impairmentSomeone at this location has a psychiatric impairmentSomeone at this location has a speech impairmentSomeone at this location may be using and electronic device for text communication utilizing a telephone line

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Non-VerbalMedically FragileOn MedicationMedical Alert StatusSeizuresFlight RiskAggressive in New Situations May Hurt ThemselvesFears Flashing LightsFears Being TouchedFears Loud NoisesTourette's SyndromeExperiences Sensory OverloadBed Ridden

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Quite often, we have further questions about submissions that we receive or we would like to follow up with you. We do ask for an email address, but if you would like to be contacted by phone, please include that as well.
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If you have questions about the special needs form, contact Clermont County Communications Center 9-1-1 Director John Kiskaden at (513) 732-7777 or by e-mail